Thursday, January 28, 2010

Just a little nostalgia

Ahh makes you want to crak open a cold one, seriously, at noon

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cyber Trash

So recently my computer has been mindnumbingly slow, really not all that slow compared to well let's say a river of molasses, or perhaps a no legged dog walking, but compared to the Hubs shiney new HP fancy pants 'puter right across the room this old Betsy is a hunker clunker. She's really only a year old, hand built by Hubs the Great for yours truly with a decent smattering of help from a computer whiz we know. But my poor ol' gal is losing steam these days and I suspect it is the overwhelming accumulation of photos on it. SO, I am 'culling' to borrow one of Ivory's favorite phrases, in a totally meek and un-space-creating type of way, perhaps the laziest cleaning method you've ever seen but join me for a journey through all my image junk. As a matter of fact if you see something you like feel free to take it home to your computer and let it scoop some ram out of your Pictures folder for a while. Maybe we should have a contest: whomever has the best comment about one of the cyber junk photos will get a prize *wink wink* a really good one. Okay here we go.....

Not to say that any of these images are necessarily bad, at the time they were used for one purpose or another but now, now they are space sucking speeding impedeing ghouls, clearly for the delete pile.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mostly here

WHere to start, I've started a blog post so many times over the last few weeks and ultimately something comes up to distract me, the kids being either unbearably cute or terribly frustrating, a new knitting project, playing games with Seth, trying new recipes... so many things in my real life that seem to interfere with this cyber chronicle... hmm.... somehow this doesn't bother me  . lol

We had a great Christmas albeit a little too exciting what with driving off the road into a snowbank on the side of Highway2 in Alberta, almost hitting a big horn sheep in B.C. and 'bumping a deer' in Idaho. The upshot of the whole deal was thet the kids were terrific, I mean really really good, not many 3 and 1 year olds can handle a 12 hour drive/ 13.5 hour drive after said snow bank, with any kind of panache. But my kids did great. Christmas was really great, being with family and watching the magic of the season take hold of the kids. Abby was so excited, ridiculously excited, over amped and practically salivating  all day of Christmas Eve. She did resist ripping all the presents open the second she woke up and for this above all I am grateful, for a little self-restraint goes a long way in life.

We obviously made it back okay from Edmonton and are not really missing the bitter cold and snow, although I think it has been far more mild there since we left. Here in Spokane it's been positively dreamy, just balmy with rain, a little snow that never stays unlike the 72 inches of last year. Glad we didn't put the money into a snowblower this year although if you hear some knocking it happens to be me banging a hole in this wooden desk nad praying for a clear February.

In other news Seth was diagnosed Diabetic in the middle of December, thankfully he does not need insulin and we are managing quite nicely with  his diet. Was a bit of a revelation into the manner of our eating habits and we've all benefitted from the dietary changes. Not to mention the increased exercise around here, the dogs are really enjoying all  the mandatory walking and the mommy has learned to .. ahem... knit and ride the exercise bike at the same time, while watching sensationalistic National Geographic documentaries on the computer.

And knitting knitting knitting I am, have finished four projects since the beginning of January, am entering two contests and have three patterns out for initial review from companies while five other submissions await review from two different magazines.

And now I am needed again, time to nurse, or soothe or cuddle, or craft with or something, it's a dirty job this mommy thing but I'm loving every minute.

And a big LOVING WELCOME to our newest addition to the brood little Quinn, we've waited for you with bated breath my dear and we're so glad you've come!