Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ah yes , perhaps the eye of the storm

Well, this week was interesting, had a great time with friends and something new and exciting everyday. Especially the part where Abby ripped not one but two beautiful story books to utter shreds. Ah yes that was definately new and exciting, especially when after ripping the second one she came out onto the couch and with a smile says " I was a bad girl and ripped my bear book". ARRGGHH!!! How exactly does one express to a two year old how sacred a book is? How can you explain that we will never ask her to attend a church, synangogue or temple but we ABSOLUTELY REQUIRE the respect and appreciation for the knowledge present between two covers of a book. That ripping up a book is denying knowledge, that separating the pages from the spine is removing the possibility of growth and intelligence.

It can't be done I suppose, respect takes a lifetime to grow and only when she can read the books herself will she really care for them. Look back over the shelves and relive her life according to the covers and words that accompanied her along it, but all I ask is a small small thing.. destroy something else my dear.

Okay ranting is over, there are expectations and then there are unlikely wishes and when your child is two and a half.. you take the books out of her room and don't leave her alone with them again. As for me? my therapy was taping them up again, every last shred put back together an attempt to appease who knows what ; but really it made me feel better.

And as for Norah who is too small to be ripping books, she has grown 3 inches in 8 weeks, No you say? oh yes I say she may be tall like her dad :) lol

Friday, January 23, 2009

Pulling teeth

Wht is it so hard to get a two year old to eat, I mean really! especially since NOrah was born the one thing Abby will NOT do by herself is eat her damn food. It's like puttingon a circus performance every meal time. There is the pleading and the cajoling, then the threatening with no dessert, no walks with the dog, no stories before bed, no fun.. ever. I can't stand the bargaining and the having to take away things that she loves only so that she will eat bites of life sustaining food so we can carry on and play! Aargh!! ona brighter note she has decided that the deer tracks in the back yard are really reindeer tracks from when Santa was here at Christmas time.

Christmas was so fun this year, albeit a little stressful with Norah being so small and such. I would have to say that sleep is better than no sleep when there is family visiting. And here is my little bright eyes angel herself, Norah Pearl, I swear your sister will like you one day, and i wish you to be the best of friends. To have someone who will outlast the fickle freindships of childhood, and perservere through any calamity.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

First time's not usually a charm

Here we are, after reading months and months of another mom's posting I have finally decided to give this a whirl. What is so compelling about reading another person's intimate thoughts on the internet, I suppose it is the feeling of not being alone, not being the only one who wishes to be listened too. As the newest member of our family, Norah 6 weeks stirs in her sling against my body I realize I am not the only mother typing one-handed upstairs, the other hand soothing her newborn, praying that the toddler downstairs is indeed asleep. So why should anyone care what happens in my house? How could anyone check this blog everytime they logon? Well we'll see I suppose.

Today was a pretty good day so far, missed my weekly mother's meeting as I voted to stay in bed trying to sleep past Norah's scheduled 9:30 wakeup time. WHat is it with my children and schedules? I am probably the most unscheduled person on the planet, loving spontaneity craving random happenings, but Abby and Norah are like clockwork, same things, same times, they even nap and poop at the same times. funny but true.
This picture pretty well sums up Abby's behavior as of late, not exactly adjusting to a new little sister. But really after being the sole attention receiver of two parents at home 24\7 for her whole life can I really expect anything more? probably not.
Well off to maybe do some knitting before everyone wakes up again, oh and trying to convince myself that the 50% at Papa Murphey's really isn't worth the 50%more weight gain.. still trying........ still..... ahem...