Saturday, April 3, 2010

That New Baby Sweetness

Ooooohhhh goodness, and there is a new little one among us: welcoming Rebecca Coghlan, the newest cutest sweetest loveliest baby girl you ever did see! She finally made her appearance late on April first after much anticipation, girl three for Tom and Ivory! Yay!

Such a new and exciting experience to have a dear friend have a baby, I mean most of my friends already have their children, and those that don't.. well I haven't been informed of plans :) lol There is a strange vicaryous excitement involved, you can't wait to meet the new little fusion of some of your favorite people, you know that it is going to hurt and by proxy you get some cramps ( seriously). Then there was that strange moment when touching the belly in the food court at Costco you , know, just know that today is the day, but there is nothing to be done, just waiting... I'm not so great at waiting. The actual onset of the event is overwhelmingly exciting, labour has started! alright ! all systems go! DO SOMETHING....  but really... you're not supposed to be there...The only other labour you've ever been a part of was, well, your own! you were definitely there and fairly important. But this is different, not yours, not your fight, not your pain, not your experience, you are the periphery, a bystander, a superfluous watcher.

 You can wait and hope and pray for safety of your first friend you ever made in this city, you can worry when after checking your email 8, 20, 50 times that night you have nothing before going to bed at midnight. And you can rejoice! when you wake up to find a welcoming email.... relief....

You can have the older kids to play in the afternoon, feed them, cuddle them, give them ,loads of high fives and recognition that this, this huge event is theirs too! That it is so special to be a big sister twice , and even more to be a big sister and a little sister at the same time :) You can watch them swirling in their newfound sense of... different, and feed them and bathe them and give them loads of pie, them pack them up and send them off. Not yours, but so worth the time and energy it takes to have four kids running around like banshees for a few hours. :)

You can make a huge pot of soup and pack every vegetable cut with caring and concern, loads of vitamins and love, sustenance to help heal after the fight.

It is different , it's not your time but it is still so special and exciting and makes you want to grab the whole family and hug em tight! but instead I give Abby and Norah extra special love and hugs and wonder. ... the last time Ivory had a baby, someone else got pregnant :) lol