Monday, June 29, 2009

In Hiding

So I betcha thought I wasn't here huh? well I have been this past week. Busier than Critique week in fourth year but here. We had a brief stint at a family reunion last week, met lots of wonderful people we never knew existed and had a blast talking and playing in the lake. Managed to get both kids off theirt schedules within one day and still haven't found them again.
Then arriving home we tried to settle into our break of about a month or so until the next trip/visit. Doing fine until Seth walked up 7 flights of stairs at the VA hospital ostensibly to get some more 'exercise' and then came home jumped off a swing and put his back out. It took an hour and fifteen minutes for myself and our awesome bestest friend G to get him back into the house, and thus begun my four day whirlwind of chaos. Simultaneously to Seth screwing up his back the dishwasher decided to die die die.... and so.... four days of running between handwashing dishes ( which I just detest and think is the stupidest way to WASTE time because there is a machine to do it for me), doing laundry, and keeping kids ( who are still not sleeping) busy. NOrah is managing about 20 mintues at a time, mostly I think due to teething and Abby is a nonsensical mess by 4 pm after waking up at 5 am. Blahh.....
Anyhow, anyways, anywoooo... he is moving around more now which is nice, and we are going to take the lawnmower into the shop so it can be fixed and I can tame the Urban Jungle I live in.
Oh and just for the record, NEW RULE: no more 7 flights of stairs stints, and no more jumping off swings

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Just in case we were bored...

SO Abby and Norah switched sleeping routines this week, and i am sure that they planned it between the two of them just to throw us off. I am also sure it is a coverup for a much bigger project they are planning that I have yet to uncover , as well as a careful ploy to completely remove my need for any type of sleep. Norah used to hit the hay for bed right after bath at 7:00, nurse to sleep , wake up briefly for a snack at 12 then back to sleep till 4, then a snack till 6 then asleep till 9, not too bad. Abby used to nap during the day and then not get to sleep until 8 or 9, so now Abby is not napping and crashes hardcore at 5:30 till 6 am, and Norah is awake until 9 or 10. SO, what are they hatching? hmmm... a plot for global domination? let's just think of a world run completely by a 2 1/2 year old and a 6 month old... I'm willing to bet there will be lots of candy, juiceboxes, bugs, things that rattle great sounds, and bananas. Everyone would be able to watch a movie before bed, we could go swimming everyday, dinner is cancelled in favour of dessert, and nail polish on tiny toes would dry instantly instead of having to wait and hop up and down on one foot. Walmart would only be a toy/candy/banana store, there would be no pants, only pretty panties, and all daddy's would have fairy costumes that would fit for playtime. And lastly I'm sure that travel by car via carseat would be outlawed, those little chicklets would have time travel figured out lickety split. And somehow the tired out mommy's and daddy's of the world would just ... sigh.... and let them all take over in exchange for one decent nights sleep. So my little Pinky and the Brain hopefully will sync this whole sleep thing out at somepoint and then I can fight my way out of this stupor for good. :) IN the meantime here are my favorite shots of June so far:

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Buggy Buggy Buggy Bumpers

Okay so I've mentioned about how much Abby loves Bugs, well we had a bit of a bug fest this morning and spent the better part of an hour in front of the computer looking at the most incredible bug pictures I've ever seen. And for a child who routinely expresses an interest in being either a bug doctor, a bug farmer, or and emtoboloist ( entomologist, she has great speech but somethings are still slightly out of reach lol), our computer session was a dream come true. Here are a few of the 'cuter' guys that she was completely enamoured with
I am amazed at how much she loves these bugs, little guys who despite being very beautiful most would find somewhat creepy crawly if they were on an arm of leg. She constantly fascinates me , and makes me so proud that she is anabashedly herself; loving all manner of things unreservedly. I just hope that I can successfully encourage her to always follow her dream even if it is all the way to Thailand in search of a pile of milkweed beetles that are way too cockroahy for me thank you very much. :)
BTW credit goes to Richard Seaman for the amazing photography.

Friday, June 5, 2009

You must build a fire

Okay so admittedly a poor video, but really one of my favorite songs and all you out there should check out Crooked Fingers as they are a great band!