Monday, June 29, 2009

In Hiding

So I betcha thought I wasn't here huh? well I have been this past week. Busier than Critique week in fourth year but here. We had a brief stint at a family reunion last week, met lots of wonderful people we never knew existed and had a blast talking and playing in the lake. Managed to get both kids off theirt schedules within one day and still haven't found them again.
Then arriving home we tried to settle into our break of about a month or so until the next trip/visit. Doing fine until Seth walked up 7 flights of stairs at the VA hospital ostensibly to get some more 'exercise' and then came home jumped off a swing and put his back out. It took an hour and fifteen minutes for myself and our awesome bestest friend G to get him back into the house, and thus begun my four day whirlwind of chaos. Simultaneously to Seth screwing up his back the dishwasher decided to die die die.... and so.... four days of running between handwashing dishes ( which I just detest and think is the stupidest way to WASTE time because there is a machine to do it for me), doing laundry, and keeping kids ( who are still not sleeping) busy. NOrah is managing about 20 mintues at a time, mostly I think due to teething and Abby is a nonsensical mess by 4 pm after waking up at 5 am. Blahh.....
Anyhow, anyways, anywoooo... he is moving around more now which is nice, and we are going to take the lawnmower into the shop so it can be fixed and I can tame the Urban Jungle I live in.
Oh and just for the record, NEW RULE: no more 7 flights of stairs stints, and no more jumping off swings

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