Sunday, June 7, 2009

Buggy Buggy Buggy Bumpers

Okay so I've mentioned about how much Abby loves Bugs, well we had a bit of a bug fest this morning and spent the better part of an hour in front of the computer looking at the most incredible bug pictures I've ever seen. And for a child who routinely expresses an interest in being either a bug doctor, a bug farmer, or and emtoboloist ( entomologist, she has great speech but somethings are still slightly out of reach lol), our computer session was a dream come true. Here are a few of the 'cuter' guys that she was completely enamoured with
I am amazed at how much she loves these bugs, little guys who despite being very beautiful most would find somewhat creepy crawly if they were on an arm of leg. She constantly fascinates me , and makes me so proud that she is anabashedly herself; loving all manner of things unreservedly. I just hope that I can successfully encourage her to always follow her dream even if it is all the way to Thailand in search of a pile of milkweed beetles that are way too cockroahy for me thank you very much. :)
BTW credit goes to Richard Seaman for the amazing photography.

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