Friday, January 23, 2009

Pulling teeth

Wht is it so hard to get a two year old to eat, I mean really! especially since NOrah was born the one thing Abby will NOT do by herself is eat her damn food. It's like puttingon a circus performance every meal time. There is the pleading and the cajoling, then the threatening with no dessert, no walks with the dog, no stories before bed, no fun.. ever. I can't stand the bargaining and the having to take away things that she loves only so that she will eat bites of life sustaining food so we can carry on and play! Aargh!! ona brighter note she has decided that the deer tracks in the back yard are really reindeer tracks from when Santa was here at Christmas time.

Christmas was so fun this year, albeit a little stressful with Norah being so small and such. I would have to say that sleep is better than no sleep when there is family visiting. And here is my little bright eyes angel herself, Norah Pearl, I swear your sister will like you one day, and i wish you to be the best of friends. To have someone who will outlast the fickle freindships of childhood, and perservere through any calamity.

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