Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Norah Norah Norah we Adore Ya

Albeit a bit belated here is a birthday post for my baby no longer, my big girl soon to be very big girl, little Norah Pearl.  What I love about you Norah:

You always have a smile and are such an incredibly  happy baby
how much you love to cuddle
that you love to growl along with your sister
watching you toddle around after Abigail, trying to be just like her and keep up with her antics
your favorite food is pepperoni pizza and you can inhale at least one whole piece
you always know if someone has food that you haven't been served and you know just how to scream for it
that you love love love baby dolls, love to cuddle and feed them
that you still love to nurse with mommy
how you would rather sit in bed and read books than anything else most days
that you pick up a baby sign after two or three shows
That really if you could you would live in warm water and be a fishy
you are always kind to others and love to play other kids
your impish sense of humour, that twinkle when you grab ears and scream into a face
that you love to be tickled when we are shopping
you can pretend to see a duck anywhere, and usually make the sign until you find one to sign about
that you'll hit Nemo on the nose and take his own toys away from him
that you will always wear a hat and never take it off just to be a pest
the intensity of your babbling, you have something to say dangit!
that you can play for hours by yourself with minimal supervision, totally content to just play
that you are discenring about what you put in your mouth
your perfect perfect head, so beautiful, and those chocolate brown eyes
that you have your daddy's chin, that handsome guy
that you are so different, totally you in every way, completely unique, completely Norah

Thank you for choosing us

Love Mommy

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