Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Norah!

Well little Norah had her second bitrthday this week, the actual day was on Wednesday and then we decided to have her friend party today (being Sunday) so she wouldn't find one day too tiring. 
 Here she is modeling her Diego Rescue pack that I whipped up on Tuesday night, actually dusting off the sewing machine and spending a marathon 4 hours not knitting in order to fulfill a dream. Norah loves Diego and it was well worth the time spent to see her light up over this gift, immediately shove her spotting scope and rescue rope into it and pelt off to save... something, anything, someone get this gal a critter to save!

We had a chocolate coconut sugar free cheesecake for dessert and I know you are thinking (sugar free? what the hell? must taste like regurgitatated light Philly Cream cheese when they pretend to flavour it but really it resembles gelatenous white goo) well not this cake. I found the most amazing recipe for Splenda cheesecake and it is our standby, as then we can all partake since Seth is unable to have real sugar or cake. When we had cake for Seth's birthday we had a chocolate almond crust with cherry topping, it was great.

Norah was so pleased with herself for blowing out the candles, she blew them out halfway through Happy Birthday and I relit them three times to even get a picture with flame in it. As you can see I resorted to my hand in front of Hurricane Norah to prevent the snuffing before a last desperate photo.

 And she did actually get a nice sugary buttercream cake this weekend at her Party with her friends. And yes indeed that is baby Jaguar peeking at you from the top of a mountain of butter, sugar and whipping cream, I think he turned out pretty great.

This afternoon was so very tiring and Norah was done before the party even started so by the time we mistakenly left her and ABby to watch a movie at 3:30 it was far too much for the little rescuer. We came down to find her like this, curled around rescue pack, wearing her new Animal rescuer hoodie, fast sleep lying in a puddle of her own pee.

She had such a great day, used her new Diego plate set at supper, wore her hoodie until bathtime, read and reread her Diego book and took Mommy and Baby Bengal tiger for nursie time and bedtime. All in all her friends really know what it takes to make a happy little No

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  1. Oh Norah, we love you so! happy, happy birthday you carnivorous little animal rescuer!