Thursday, July 23, 2009

Five things I am grateful for

Big shady maple trees that keep my yard cool, are older than my grandma and remind me of Canada

Waging war on the freakin earwigs that are eating my plants and winning! haha! beware of tuna cans filled with oil!

Big pools in my backyard that keep me cool and gave Abby a place to learn how to swim 15 ft underwater by herself
Wicked monkey lamps
The fact that we are well off enough that when I cracked these open we didn't have to eat them, unlike many other people we had other options.


  1. Excellent idea for the earwigs. Those things creep me out! And WTH is up with the worm things in the squash!?! Yick!

  2. actually they are squash sprouts , it had started to go to seed, smelled super bitter too. Blech!