Monday, July 13, 2009

What have I been eating this month?

Hello! My name is Norah and I have a few thigns to say about my favorite things to eat! first of all I am glad that my momma is such a foodie and loves to make me new food ALL the time, and here are all the new foods I am eating this month and LOVING!
Ohhh CORN! Geez, whoever invented corn was the greatest ever! sweet, juicy! delicious corn and conveniently put on this oh so munchable cob thingy! CORN!

Abby is the greatest sister ever and especially when she feeds me Apples with Cereal! mmmm sweet sweet apples!
Could a girl want anything more? a big sis who feeds her, yummy food mommy made, a bib that says I heart bananas?
How about more food? where did everybody go?
And here is my bib from my Grandma, it says Norah on it, that's me!

If anyone tries to take this watermelon rind away from me I'll deck 'em!
Ahhhhh watermelon! another favorite!
And let's not forget Abby's undying love of Cherries!
There ya go folks! that's the food I've been into! not to mention these smashed peas on my tray!

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