Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm here I'm here!

Ha! bet you wondered where we had gotten to? well it has been a busy couple of weeks around here: first we horsed around on the couch

Then Papa and Grandma came to visit

And Grandma made Norah this cute cute sweater
Then we all drove to Scotch Creek B.C.

Some of us drew in the back seat

And of course there were potty breaks

Scenic potty breaks

And then the Beach, and eating sand, rocks, sticks, and leaves

Swimming with Papa

Cuddling with mom
Being scared of Dad's silly face

Horsing around with Papa

Bad 80's throwback headgear

And then back home to bake a very special birthday cake
check the deck for birthday cake eating monsters

Mmmmm cake... worms... dirt... rocks... cake
And of course all our friends for a very special party
And even a few new friends!

And after homeade macaroni and cheese, veggies and cake there were... presents!
All that fun tired us out some and so we had a cuddle in bed
And to cap off the weeks Granny came to visit too!

And so there you have it folks our life in a nutshell.. busy busy busy :)
Oh and I guess I'll end with this

Yes we really are in SO MUCH TROUBLE

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