Tuesday, August 25, 2009


So life in the fast lane is for losers. lol I guess I just mean , boy am I tired! Norah got two teeth this past week, is working on more, learned to crawl and is trying to walk. So between excruciating mouth pain extending into her ears and crawling herself into waking every couple hours dear old mom has been losing sleep. Couple that with Abby having swim class at 9 am each morning and I am a goner. I just woke up from napping ( unintentionally) from 7pm to 9pm and I feel like... well not so great.

And waiting sucks... pretty much all waiting sucks, I mean except things like waiting for ... um... there has to be something... well back to my problem waiting for things in the mail. The mail is a much coveted happening in our daily life, we love it, can't wait for it, fight each other for the privilege of being able to walk down our oh so long drive and check the box. Even when we lived in Texas it was my favorite part of the day, I used to surreptitiously sit on the couch half turned toward the T.V. with lunch in my lap and the other eye turned on the road... waiting.

Yup that is the view, waiting for Old Sourpuss the mailman to come speeding down the road with cigarette in hand, sweatband on his arm, chain dangling from his wallet, with mail, FOR ME. Oh god help me I love the mail, and good mail days that contain an actual letter, maybe a magazine or really good store advertisement can just really make the day that much more exciting. The only thing better is getting a package; oh packages packages how I love thee, I compare thee to a summer's day but thou art more lovely and more temperate. That lovely brown corrugated cardboard usually scuffed a bit and covered with all that post office jargon is positively charming. And there is always ALWAYS way more tape involved than you can sufficiently rip off with your bare hands so inevitably after beginning with ineffective fingernails ( that you always cut the night before) you have to rummage in the kitchen for a pair of scissors. Which can never be found and so you settle for a steak knife and a prayer that your impromptu surgery will of course completely maim the vessel but hopefully leave the contents intact.

Now, add the purely intoxicating rush of purchasing items off the internet with or without an estimated delivery date and mail time is even more fun! who knows what goodies await within the morning post!

However if you are waiting, for something very important, like perhaps a big old box of yarn from Interweave knits so you can knit a pattern for their Spring 2010 issue then.... well... waiting sucks. And the mail is disappointing... so far anyways.... because I am too damn excited.

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