Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I would post but I'm too busy knitting

Ever bite off more then you can chew? maybe once or twice in a lifetime? well this happens to be my MO, the way I function, the only way I can stay motivated and challenge myself. It needs to be complicated, like a lace pattern with increases and decreases, add some short rows just for spice, now mirror the whole pattern and learn to knit backward at the same time.

So now, 150 stockinettte rows into a 120st count project on 4.5mm needles I am ... well... challenged? Not to complain but I am the kind of gal who designs the whole thing in her head, minus a few details which need to be worked out as I knit but the actual knitting is a perfunctory part of the process. No, not (bored) but I can now knit english style and continental with even tension.... I'm just slogging through....the most incredible experience of my life :) lol and yet I can't keep my excitement from going haywire at the thought that in about 6 months this pattern will hit the shelves.

SO I shall carry on, but don't expect to hear from me anytime soon, I am far too busy knitting to post lol.

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