Friday, September 18, 2009

Cuteness factor one million

Soo.... went to the Spokanimal shelter today .... licensed Asia and Siva..... decided that " yeah sure Abby we can go ahead and look in the kennels at the doggies .. but no touching"..... "oh sure Abby well it looks like we can take this little puppy for a walk".... " well no Abby this puppy doesn't have a name, no not a mommy or daddy either he lives here at the shelter"....

And so...

Meet Mackie Fluff, some manner of terrier mix more Jack russell and Rat I think than anything even though his papers say Dachshund ( HA!) not even like Dachshund is a generic term, you know like dog, or cat. So we are now the proud parents of one happy bouncy terrier puppy, one completely over the moon three year old, one slightly miffed older corgi X, a fairly neutral nine month old, and a very angry freaked out short hair domestic cat.

at least there wasn't any labour with this baby.

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  1. You brave, brave parents. Sure is a cute puppy, though. Congrats!