Monday, October 26, 2009

The Lulling tonic of Bob

Act 1; circa January 2007

The Daddy wears an ever widening track in the hallway floor as he rocks the baby up and down the hallway, back and forth, back and forth. Abigail Mae is the first child for the mommy and daddy and getting her to sleep without hours and hours of walking back and forth back and forth has been an ever increasing challenge. Pretty soon the daddy is getting frustrated and resigns himself to a long hard night of rocking and lulling. He reaches over and clicks on the television convinced that he may as well watch something other than the tops of his feet avoiding toys. Suddenly the vocal deluge ceases, quiet snoring envelopes the now practically silent house accompanied by the calming rhythm of 'One Love', and the Daddy thinks that perhaps they should all go to Jamaica.

 The mythic power of the Bob has begun.

Act 2: circa April 2007

The car jostles gently as the family rumbles down the 1-95 heading from Harker heights to Killeen, all would be peaceful except for the bloodcurdling screaming from the backseat. Abigail hates to be facing backwards in the car and feels alone and trapped where she cannot see her mommy and daddy. And then, suddenly, a percussive beat a chord of guitar and cue the drums soon it is Bob to the rescue as Marley and the Wailers put our little wailer into a catatonic trance. The mommy smiles as she settles into her seat knowing that her quick punch of the stereo button is all that is required of her for the rest of the carride. Ahhh Bob, wish you were still here to thank.

Act 3: circa March 2009

The little family has now grown and added another member a new baby girl named Norah who is just becoming aware of herself and that she really doesn't care for riding in that ridiculously uncomfortable carseat facing away from her big sister. Once again tragic crys interrupt the daily carrides, the daddy has trouble concentrating on the road, the mommy can't twist around far enough to comfort Norah and the big sister Abby just wants that new baby-thing to stop. Then a sudden idea, the mommy digs deep into the center console and pulls out a battered cd case, pops it in and... voila! Once again the Bob conquers all, silence and instant napping, nothing quite like it... but does it work on all babies?

Act 4: circa October 2009

The mommy and the daddy in a moment of insanity have added yet another baby into the fray, but this one is four legged and furry and somehow much more work. The mommy and Abby with doggy in tow are headed back from a playdate at a friends house, the new doggy is in his travel taxi for the first time in the car. Much howling crying and yipping is making driving rather hard to concentrate on for the mommy, she would really rather have that darn pup shut up but how can you reason with a furbaby? Well.... one quick jab to the stereo button with Bob cocked and loaded for when Norah is riding along and there is.. you guessed it.. instantaneous silence. The Bob is omnipotent.

Oh Bob, did you ever know that your music was such a snooze? lol

( I know Nemo isn't sleeping here but when he does sleep I never chance taking a photo because then he wakes up again)

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