Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What the Hell were they thinking?

Okay, so, whoever thought that it would be a good idea to have Hallowe'en, a full moon and a time change in the same weekend was NUTS. Granted having them all at the same time probably saves us all weeks of lunacy, children and animals only need to have four days of insanity instead of four weeks.

However the compounded effects of all three within four days is INSANITY, not only are the kids ( and I mean all five of them) hyper and wild but they aren't sleeping either. Hallowe'en was the beginning with lack of sleep due to excitement and afterwards lack of sleep due to sugar crazies, then add a full moon with that incalculable effect on the human body , I mean where do you think the word Lunatic comes from anyway? And then throw in a time change for good measure, not to mention that we had family visiting which just adds to the excitement for the kids and Norah has been sick and teething. OMG, I don't think I've slept in four days.

 We had a midnight bed party last night when Abby had a bladder accident in bed and then a bath and then reading books with both kids while we waited for Bert her toy snake to dry in the dryer. All I could do was laugh as I had a hard time concentrating on the kids with my eyelids closing, something about waking up at 5:30 am with a preschooler demanding food ( which by the way is probably the only way to get me out of bed that early, I wake up for base functions only: food and pee emergencies. Poo emergencies are strictly for the daddy, bless his poo cleaning abilities.)

So we are over the hump, thanks to Mum who bought us loads of pizza last night so I didn't have to cook and thanks to the DVR who let us zone out with hours and hours of taped episodes of Ultimate CakeOff. Pretty well I think that the news shoudl cover this kind of thing previous to it happening:

 " And in other news we have Hallowe'en, a full moon and a time change all in one weekend folks, make sure to stock up on tranquilizers, duct tape, and old episodes of Dora. Call our 24 hour 'I want to strangle my kids and animals hotline- IWTSMKAAH' and don't forget that it is recommended to surreptitously book a babysitter or three to help with the entire weekend. Good luck folks, and remember the national guard will be making residential rounds; giving away free cages and sedatives and the drunk tank at your local PD will be open and accepting the worst of the little buggers. Good luck to you all, and Goodnight"

Just so glad it's over :)

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