Friday, March 19, 2010

I can't keep it all together, so I've given up the power to the little people

Blahhh.... definitely coming down off a creative high, I've been working my butt of these past two months at 4 designs for Knitpicks amid three contest entries and don't forget some baby gifts. Now I still have to finish two of said contest entries and hopefully not die of stiff neck disease. All I really want to do is curl up with my new book, Knitting Workshop by Elizabeth Zimmermann who is perhaps the goddess of knitting. There are so many lovely patterns in it, so much to aspire to :)

Since I've been so busy and tired the girls have been taking over some of the household chores for me..

 Someone has to mow the lawn with bubbles
And slide excessively

Not to mention modeling new haricuts, these are things I'm just not good at so the girls have been helping me out

Another great example is sneaking pasta from the strainer when mom is busy stirring the sauce, I knew it was toooooo quiet in there.

And since all my creativity is used up the Daddy had to find new ways of playing Nemo, we call this the lazy-man tug-o-war

Don't forget vacuuming, at this I am hopeless, good thing Norah helps out

Other things I am not so hot at: maintaining a rollicking living room ocean boat with fish crackers and a broom mast, nope I'll leave that to the experts.

How about Giant Water Bottles?

Also I've been far too busy to be as cool as this
And let's not forget the necessary brick standing (?)  Apparantly it is an important part of our lives :)

This however, this relaxing in a hammock thing I would love to do, if there was only room :)

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  1. at least you weren't too busy not to take pictures of these precious memories.