Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Broken Brain

Well our tv has been broken this week, which has been a very interesting process for all involved. Sort of a new and terrifying experiment that I never really had the guts to try out on my own but once forced to attempt to live without the brain sucking robot things have been a little different. Abby and Norah have been playing more and more, no more mid-morning meltdowns about getting to watch a movie, or seeing one more episode of Diego. This amazing product placement advertisement took place in my very own living room the night before the T.V. stopped working and considering how effective television advertising is on young children I'm glad mine had to go without for a week.


Now there are barbies and G-I Joes in the Jeep racing around the house at top speed with baby tigers and the odd lizard giving chase. A play tent has appeared in the bedroom which is the subject of a botched game of house where Abby is the mommy Norah is the Abby and Dotty ( her dolly) is the baby. Much cutting of paper into teeny tiny little itty bitty pieces just to practice scissor skills and to have the sheer pleasure of sanctioned destruction. Not that these things never happened before but now they happen without T.V. drama first, which is a much nicer way to start the day.

And then of course there was the 10 dollar slide totally scored from Cragslist thanks to our bestest slide hunter friend Ivory. Norah has been playing on the slide at Abby's playschool when she goes for family day on Friday and she's gotten so good at it she can go up and slide down all by herself. She is so much more of a climber than Abby ever was, I frequently walk into a room to find her standing on a chair, or halfway up the couch, which is scary. And not to mention that Seth and I are home a lot and we barely ever don't have eyes on the kids so for her to be up the chair it means she is scary fast.

The only thing that has suffered from the lack of T.V. time is my knitting, I not longer have hours of brain numbing time to knit knit knit away while we watch some ridiculous Monsterquest, or equally brain numbing episode. Oh well, tomorrow is a new day more specifically the new day that the T.V. gets fixed and I have a lot of catching up to do on a few projects. :) lol but I think we might just tell the kids it is still broken.. ahem until we get busted... because we will at some point or another. :)

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