Saturday, February 27, 2010


So despite the cuteness factor being over a million
And having a great time on the first day while being attentive and well behaved

She decided that perhaps the discipline required in Karate was not her cup of tea, conmsidering her mother's issues with restriction and authority.. well .. all I can say is Atta Girl! But really, she wants to do some more swim classes and we are very happy with her for trying something new.
Other than trying Karate (very expensive at full price karate) this week we've been doing a lot of reading, Norah is a book maniac and will actually go to sleep cuddling a book! I have to supply her with at least two if not more books when she being tucked in at night, preferably books that are new or haven't been seen recently. SHe likes to have her legs tucked in with her arms out to look at the books before she falls asleep. All I can think is that I read consistently while nursing her for the first year ( until she got too squirmy to keep the pages level) and so perhaps her obsession started there? [My other theory is that I had a lot more piercings when Abby was younger and now she has this love of shiny, small things... ] So, we have been reading a lot of books, especially the ones that make oodles and oodles of annoying music and noise. All curiously supplied by grandparents, or surrogate grandparents ( yes, you know who you are) and have great buttons that even 14 month olds can figure out! At least this one plays classical music, albeit tinny.

ANd let's not miss the late night firegirl emergency we had after bathtime, it was great! not sure what it was exactly except a lot of running around and yelling 'EMERGENCY!" taught to us by a friend :) Ohhhh yess, and you know who YOU are lol :) But it was great fun and super cute.

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  1. Oh, my. I guess I'm not too surprised that running around yelling something about emergencies and fires caught on finally. Oops . . .