Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Again with the sicky sicky sicky

So, this month has been interesting, last month even more so. I think I can sum it up in one photo really:

Yup, we've been feeling this good :) lol And today after an emergency doctor visit I have a roll call, a double ear infection for Abigail, a lung infection for Norah and for your's truly, a developing lung infection. Anti-biotics all around please doc! I mean the saving grace is that the prescription plan saved us 150 dollarrs, so you know that is nice.
But the student pharmacist wasn't betting on the cranky level as he doled out four medications taking fifteen times as long as usual and then said

"huh? only $11.28, well that's good right?"

so of course he got a snarky "Well that's the great thing about Military medical insurance, they may take your husband away from you for years at a time and try to kill him but they give you cheap pills."


Not one of my finer "nice" moments. Mostly I am cheezed off that after two afternoons of concentrated valentine making poor Abby never even got to exchange them at school, she mostly lay on the couch moaning all morning, and then really worried me when she stopped moaning and just lay there. However hopefully she can give out Valentine's next week. And then maybe, maybe we can see our friends sometime soon.
The good news is that Nemo is doing well, perky as ever even though his status has changed forever. But don't tell him as he continues to romance Buster his dog toy night after night. That is, when Norah isn't stealing his bed amidst his utter confusion

 And thankfully his cone of shame is gone too

Alright I am going to take my cranky self to bed.

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