Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wow am I ever a whiner!

You know I just read over a few blog posts from the past year, really trying to find the post called The Bean of All, which is worth a reread and chuckle, and I've decided I only ever crank it out on this here blog, and complain about everyintg.... Well here are some great thing happening this month:

My Jellyfish bag made it into the Spring issue of Interweave knits,

I've finally joined a few groups on Ravelry and am having my patterns test knit for free and getting really great feedback. I have two patterns on Knitpicks and hopefully will have two more later on this month.

The kids are enjoying each other more and more, they spent the better part of the afternoon having Abby push Norah in the itty bitty doll stroller ( yes rather unsafe) but when the 14 month  old actually fits in the itty bitty doll stroller there is a novelty factor that a three year old cannot ignore. And then there have been the glowstick illuminated baths in a dark bathroom.. tommyknockers anyone?

We also get two weeks of free Karate lessons from a local place thanks to a Valentine's day card that Abby brought home from school. We also get a free uniform and I am hoping that Abby really likes Karate because I think she is an incredibly powerful little being and if she could learn to centre that energy and really focus herself she could be even more of a dynamo.
We've really been focusing being really calm and respectful to Abby lately, not giving into the raging crazies every time she does something.. well ....raging and crazy. She has been helping me cook dinner every evening, or at least most evenings and she often says that it is her favorite part of the day. :) Norah has been falling prey to the separation anxiety tantrums.. which are.... great...... oh sorry *happy post* they are GGRRREREEAAAATTT! SO we have been speaking a great deal of Toddlerese. For any of you unfamiliar with toddlerese it is basically the most fulfilling form of dealing with a tantrum ever invented and it works! You basically deal with the tantrum by repeating the request that your toddler is making with the same force and body language she is using. Check out Dr. Harvey Karp over here and see what I mean! I would recommend his Happiest Baby on the Block and Happiest Toddler on the Block to anyone with small children. :) Sometimes it works on husbands too but they can't have read the book and if you let on that you are using a 2 year old method on him.. well.. better just keep it between us eh?

And we got lovely outfits from Papa and Grandma from their trip to the Dominican Republic, and of course we had a modeling session, this is abby's Mod look :) ANd NOrah's tired look:)
And that's about all, pretty random really

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  1. Random test knitters??? You had to seek out test knitters???