Friday, March 6, 2009

The Bean of All

A discussion took place at dinner tonight that was pretty interesting and I thought I would share the point of view of my two and a half year old:

A: the bean of all

M: what's that Abby?

A: makes everything talk

M: where?

A: Gone

M: really?

A: A new Bean of all!

A: This one makes the food hot

"I need to go back in my home"

I squirted him back out the little fairy

He's hiding from you

M: Oh really?

A: Don't let the mashed potatoes know

mashed potatos.... NNOOOOO!!

I'm going back in

Beany Weeny

Stop Laughing


I guess I just appreciate the brain power it takes to look at mashed potatos and green beans and come up with something so creative. lol

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  1. I LOVE toddler-isms. I babysit my friend's three year old and it's always a hoot listening to him expound on some imagining. He includes me as though it all makes perfect sense and of COURSE I get it. It's the best when I actually do get it.

    Little William is starting to take his first tentative steps now. Says Mumumum and Dadada. :) We went camping last night together with my friend and her boy. I actually got some snuggles and kisses from my baby. He's usually so stingy!