Friday, March 6, 2009


Well we are slowly but surely getting over the flu here, and let me tell you, there is nothing more pathetic than a 3 month old with the flu. Yes folks she staved it off for a while but little Norah Pearl has a whopping case of the super snotty, mucous making, scratchy throat high fever influenza type a. I must say that Abby wasn't too bad, yes a little whiney ( okay a lot whiney, like my whine-o-meter is full up for the next two years) but still manageable. Norah has this new cry, I think it is the pathetic baby in the woods cry, the they-left-me-here-to-die cry, the it-really-is-the-end cry, the mommies-heart-is-breaking-and-she-can't-even-help cry. Who knew it would be so devastatingly heartwrenching to have a sick baby. And she isn't even really all that sick. What about those poor kids who have chronic illnesses, MS? gulp even Cancer. ( ooohhh that big C word gives me the heebie geebies) I am so lucky that my children are healthy, yes they have the flu but this will pass, they don't have to have blood transfusions, or operations, organ transplants, radiation, or be told they are incureable. I can cuddle them and say that "everything will be alright" and MEAN IT, know for certain that at least this time it will.

I guess maybe there is a little faith here, that perhaps we have gone through so much with Seth that we can be spared anything else really big, that some part of me is certain that tackling skinned knees, snotty noses, and sleepless nights will be my blessing because Seth endured enough for all of us. Or at least I tell myself this to imagine some sort of balance in the universe, that there is some big ol' something looking out for me saying " you know that Meghan gal, she works really hard, let's skip the big stuff and leave her alone for a while, she really has had all she can handle at the moment."

And so I am holding fast to my conviction, it's just the flu and it will be over soon,

you won't be served more that you can handle,


and come out of top.

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  1. ooh, poor baby Norah! I've been thinking of you and hoping that she feels better soon! Flu in a three month old is it's own level of scary but agree not as scary as other possibilities.

    here's to happy and healthy babies! sooner the better.