Tuesday, March 3, 2009

One Row at a Time

Alright, I finished a knitting project today.

That in and of itself is cause for celebration, a massive outpouring of applause complete with streamers and confetti is expected any moment now... but while I am waiting I'll type a little more to get the kink out of my neck from knitting and nursing at the same time.

The one thing about having children that drove me crazy was not having any time to create, by myself, alone, for massive amounts of time, without interruption. Where I could be a lonely angsty self centered obsessive compulsive nut job artist who only ate because ( well because I really do LOVE to eat, but I told myself it was because I HAD to). But now I realize that there are so many other better things, like knitting mittens for my 2 year old while nursing my 3 month old and watching Anne of Green Gables, remembering myself as an 8 year old.

It doesn't matter if it happens one row at a time, in between changing sides, answering phone calls, tucking in, changing diapers. It will get done, one row at a time, slowly slowly, eventually, it will get done. Time always moves, breath goes in and out, and toddlers can always smell when you are typing a blog post.


  1. Yay! For finishing. Isn't it nice when you can get like two rows done?

  2. Hey you! I finally figured out that if I comment in Explorer instead of Firefox, my comments go thorugh instead of vanishing. I've been having this problem in Gretchen's blog also, so maybe it is a blogspot/firefox incompatability.

    ANYWAY, I love this post, and I have been keeping it in mind all day. Why don't my sick kids sleep all day? Heh.