Monday, March 30, 2009

Moving on...

We had walking group this morning, and after waking up early to see company off I wasn't really in the mood. Beginning the day with refusing to change Abigail's diaper because really I've just had enough poopy diapers and she is two and a half and should go on the potty ( this was reason enough for my cranky brain). And then refusing to walk the dog because it was cold outside and then planning on two hours of sequestered studio time...and then the phone rang ....and I was talked into a walk in the frigid barely above freezing morning hours. And it was really good, that whole exercise = endorphions=happiness thing? well whoever thought that up was a total jerk and should have factored in Waaayyyy more chocolate in the equation but I guess it kind of works and you really do feel better after a nice long walk with good friends.

Speaking of good friends how exactly did this little cocoon of friendship get built in my life? all of a sudden I have at least two friends who are really good friends, that live close, that will listen to my crap, watch my kids, and let me watch their kids ( as if that isn't the most amazing thing ever) come over on a moment's notice, and were on full red alert standby the whole month we were expecting Norah. I'm telling you, my girlfriends ROCK.

And so I know they won't mind that I have picture of both of their bums at the same time. :) lol


  1. Ugh, I need new pants.

    So glad you (and Seth, and the girls) are part of my life. As soon as we met I knew you were a keeper, and you can't shake me now. Bwahahaha.

  2. Awwww. Thankyou. You so ROCK as well.

    And I'll forgive you the bum picture. lol. And thankyou SOOO much for watching the girls.