Thursday, March 26, 2009


How is it possible to be so very tired and yet still continue on? I mean is it really healthy to only have 4 hours of sleep and then drive? I know there are other mamas out there whoa re feeling it too, two specifically I can think of and I am so sympathetic. I think I even get more then they do and I don't know how they move at all. I've always been someone who needed a lot of sleep, 8 to 10 hours, if not more. I love my bed, the warm coziness, nice fluffy feather pillows, pretty sheets, warm comforter. Ahhh... just thinking about it makes me want to cuddle up, right here on this hard hard chair.

Instead I will push through, because Abby and I bought lots of craft stuff to work on today and then there's that indomitable Lunch thing, have I mentioned how very much I hate lunch? Neither breakfast nor supper; lunch is a sticking point in my day, one can't eat fun things like bagels and peanut butter or pancakes for lunch. No really it is fairly well expected that lunch contain more that one food group, and can't contain too much sugar, so no dessert, or syrup. Lunch takes too much time, or else you are stuck opening a can of something that you will eat with relish because it is salty and pre-made and full of preservatives but it will make you GUILTY! ohhh so guilty, and then there are sandwiches, which I think should be called sandwishes, because I wish they would taste better than they do. And really I feel much better after taking out my frustrations of being tired on Lunch. And now I hear Abby wailing after walking with her dad and I wonder why Why WHY does every walk end in wailing?And why can't I break down into tears and whine and cry and thrash and wail when I'm tired? or maybe I am .. will you ever know? you can't see me can you? ;)

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  1. tired? oy. that's all i have to say on that.

    and i hear you on figuring out what to have for lunch...