Thursday, May 21, 2009

Home again Home again jiggety jig

SO much has been going on this week, we had a lovely trip to Canmore, an 8 hour drive during which Abby went on the little potty three times by the side of the road, one at a gas station and then arrived in Canmore totally dry. This kid I am telling you, once she makes up her mind about something lol, so we went to the zoo in Calgary to celebrate.
I think that the prehistoric park was a pretty big hit, she could barely keep still and just loved running along the paths beside the hoodoos and giant fake turribul leezards, lol.
And only my kid would be patting this super ugly creepy paper mache thing saying "hello friend! so nice to see you, aren't you just a cute little guy" lol
Did I mention it was barely above freezing and rain/snowed all day long? well there weren't many people there that was for sure, but I won't say no to a private zoo visit!
Thought these guys were so cute, they looked warm and definately smelled warm
So all in all it was a great weekend, Abby got her ultimate reward for potty training and hasn't looked back since, we had a great time swimming with the kids and taking it easy. And now I am off to start cooking the anniversary weekend extravaganza meal, mmmmm steak..... lol

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