Saturday, May 9, 2009

I wanna be a superhero when I grow up

Who knew, who had any idea that this thing called being a mom would be so amazing, and fun and silly, and teary and great.

Abby and I spent the afternoon out in the yard planting flowers and watering and pulling weeds and such. SO much fun to be had just being together and having a blast with dirt and water. This goofy toddler of mine who woke up yesterday potty trained, at least during the daylight hours she has been 100% in panties, no accidents. Ah ha! and I am knocking on wood as we speak. And my little Norah, who not only is cutting teeth but is sitting up by herself and is strong enough to stand with a little propping up.

And the way that they are simply enjoying one another these days is enough to break the heart with joy. Abby loves it when we make Norah 'talk' in a high squeaky voice to her, and seems to be loving her more and more. Norah thinks that Abby is the MOST Interesting thing ever in the entire universe and next to a snacking cuddle with mom there is no place she'd rather be than watching Abby get up to something. Norah has also developed this ridiculous sense of humour, smiling and laughing, smacking her hanging toys and then squealing in surprise, holding her hands out to my face while orating grand speeches in gibbery grunty, nonsense.

And Abby is getting so big, the change even since we moved here is amazing, things she asks about.. why are there bugs? how come things die? can I ride a giraffe when I grow up? why did we not have a baby before Norah? Why, how, what, where.... so many things. She is so grown up. It struck me yesterday when a friend was comforting her child that we are each uniquely paired to our children, that we need them as much as they need us, that they are mirrors of our strengths and foils to our weaknesses. That if we raise them with a pure heart and intention that they will grow and flourish in love and health. That we can't be perfect 100% of the time but if we are there when it counts, to answer the endless questions, to take the time for one last hug, to explain instead of override, to create and encourage, to eat icing on the floor and to simply be whole people, we can teach our children to recognize their weaknesses and make them strengths. To love and cherish all people and things, and most importantly just to love themselves.

To all of you out there Happy Mother's Day, you either are one or have one or both and aren't we all blessed any way you slice it?

These are the times to remember.

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  1. Being a Mom is great. I agree. :) What great pictures and video!

    Happy Mother's Day.