Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Dad is an awesome Gardener

So was my Grandpa, I remember seeing pictures of giant tomatos as large as Grapefruits that he grew while living at the coast. He always had an excellent array of plants and vegetables and knew how to grow them all well. The only two things I can actually remember about my grandparents during my younger years when they lived in Victoria and we lived in Edmonton was a visit to the duck pond outside their home and my grandpa's large garden. My dad also has a green thumb and spends endless hours of enjoyment just puttering around the yard in the spring and summer. We always had a veggie garden filled with carrots , lettuce, swiss chard, beets, onions, tomatoes and other yummy delights. And I can remember countless times when Allison and I would wander out behind the garage and spoil our supper by eating large quantities of snap peas and green beans. And now I am starting my own gardening career, I am not couting the pathetic attempts at keeping anything from drying up in the hot Texas sun, or the one oregano plant I managed to grow in Calgary. But now I'm really and truly checking labels for the right climate zones, buying only perennials, planning plants which nourish with food like strawberries and tomatos. And who knew that it would be so fun, and addictive, that crazy me who has a hard time turning off my brain and sitting still would love just hanging out with the dirt and relaxing. I mean we definately have the yard for it, and all the space I could ever need. I guess what amazes me is that I used to hate it, being corraled to help weed the garden when I was younger, told to water everyday after supper. I guess this is another post about growing up, moving on, discovering who I really am and what is important to me.
And speaking of: Norah is awake so off I go, putting someone else before myself? never would have happened five years ago :)

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