Thursday, April 30, 2009

Broken Hands

how to describe the feeling of not trusting my own hands. Lately I've been in a real creative phase, I cut out nine little girl outfits ( four are for a friend) and have been sewing up a storm. In addition to that trying to finish up multiple (and I don't use that word lightly ) knitting projects including a sweater I designed for the knitting blog. And add to that the slew of cooking I've been up to, this new obsession with using every last leftover inthe fridge in some new and glorious meal so as not to waste anything. Multiply those by the number of times I need to pick up a kid, write down something so as to not forget it, pick up an animal, fiddle with something small for Abigail braid hair etc. and my hands and arms are sore. So sore in fact that I am worried that I am getting some kind of arthritis, my hands feel heavy, and the joints feel full. I am hoping that this is just some sort of extra fluid from using them so much, and my arms are achey, all the way down to the elbows. I am to the point of dropping things at the moment. And then there is the permanent kink in my neck from nursing Norah all night and sleeping in the same position, and nursing on the couch and holding Norah, and sewing with my arms elevated and cutting out fabric while leaning over. It feels kind of like a spring needing release. Not to mention all the extra stress around here lately. ANd now I am typing on this blog, hurting my hands, not bending my thumb all the way instead of riding the exercise bike and having a shower while Norah sleeps. I love to procrastinate myself into pain.

Ahh oh well, there are at least four little outfits to show for my trouble and the pattern for the sweater is really cool. And I think the picture is quite telling of what i will do at any given moment... knit.. who needs cuddling? with soft soft kitties and cute toddlers... knit! Knit! Knit!

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