Monday, April 27, 2009


In an effort to distract myself from today; making phone calls that I don't want to make, missing walking group, Norah having her shots and being cranky, Abby pushing Seth in the shower and him falling on the spigot and breaking it off, much blood and bandages later ; an impending plumbing bill. Having to rent our other house because the darn thing just can't sell due to other really really nicely renovated houses in the same price range, having a million errands to run and staying home with sleeping kids. I will post a few of my favorite pictures from this month so far and put the word malingering far far farrrrr away from my thoughts and bury myself into the love of my two little girls!

And now I am off to do some sewing and await the phone call I will not receive before two so then I call a supervisor.. ahhh yes the supervisor call .

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  1. something must have been in the air yesterday. only four of us were at walking group and three of the four were ten minutes late - including me. oona also had her shots so sympathies on the shot fussies. today is another day, right? i hope seth is okay.