Saturday, April 25, 2009

Keep Singing!

So Abigail has started quoting movies , as well as music from cd's. She knows at least the first thirty lines of Vivaldi's Ring of Mystery ( and listens to it every single night before bed.) She has more that half of the songs on many of her cd's memorized and has now begun singing like Ariel the little mermaid. This all began a few mornings ago when she was in her room wailing , well it sounded like wailing and she was talking about bees in her tent. She had been sleeping in her tent for the past few nights and thought it was great fun, but hearing of bees Seth and I immediately thought of the wasps that sometimes make their way into her room in the spring. But when I sent Seth rushing in there ( as I was previously engaged with Norah.. ahem.) she informed him that she was just fine and the bees in her tent had been angry but she made them happy by singing like Ariel so they went away. lol super funny , and kind of strange, but mostly funny. SO tonight in the bath she was singing like Ariel again and making her mermaid hair swirl in the water when she asked me to sing like Ariel. So here goes... Ahh Ahhhh Ahhhhhh, and so she pipes up "KEEP SINGING" just like Ursula and then moves her hand to my mouth and tries to take my voice away. Soooo what does a mommy do? well I stopped singing , she had stolen my voice of course! This obviously led to a whole evening of repetition which was also super fun and of course just one more time before bed. But if you had told me 20 years ago when I was watching Ariel for the first time and totally deciding to marry an Eric and be red haired and gorgeous that I would be still enjoying it with my daughter this many years later I never would have believe you. Pretty amazing that we are a generation that can actually do that kind of thing.

It also reminds me of just how important this phase of her life is, and how blessed I am to be able to share it with her and really be a kid again. :) lol

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  1. as i'm watching little mermaid right at the moment and have been know to start singing it in the car before i realize what i'm singing.... lol.