Friday, April 24, 2009

Duck and Cover

What to do when the sky is falling? hole up with movies and ice cream.

We got some surprising news today, incredibly the woman who booked Seth's re-evaluation on three days notice five hours away from home, and expected a vet with severe PTSD to travel all by himself on a plane to a new place without anything familiar , ALSO didn't get his medical records in time for the doctor's to evaulate them. AH ha you say? how bizarre? well there's more, then said doctor's made ridiculous uninformed decisions about material they have no concept of understanding in one hours time and now are trying to remove all benefits and imprision by husband. For pretending. Who could possibly pretend they have a TBI. You know , pretending that he mistakes words like mushroom and marshmallow EVERY TIME HE SAYS THEM, or losing words, stopping in the middle of a sentence to find them. How about losing all ability to complete simple projects? Hanging a picture? well you can look forward to two hours of banging, swearing, readjusting, six holes, two broken fingers and tears by the end. Ask me how he was at hanging pictures before his goddamn romp in the Iraqi sandbox? just fine thanks. Now let's see, what about something more difficult? how about making a pie and asking him to substitute apples for blueberries? "okay honey just put this can in instead of that can" blank look blank look blank look.... does.. not.. compute.... is that normal? no thought not. What about reading? you know taking words in by looking at them hopefully in some semblance of order to communicate ideas and stories? once an avid reader , at least a book a week he now can barely read a paragraph without a). forgetting the plot line b). having the words move on the page and getting a headache and c) just plain not understanding them. . How can I live with this every day and see all these things and this crazy doctor who has YEARS of teaching and experience thinks he is faking. TO THE POINT that he accuses Seth of faking to all the other doctors he has seen and also accuses those doctors of being wrong and not knowing what they are doing! Absolutely preposterous, and to add that Seth never came to them and said " hey I have a brain in jury" in the first place, THEY were the ones who noticed the problems, THEY were the ones who assigned catscans, and neurology appointments, Speech Therapists, and neuralphysicists.

THEY can kiss my ass because Mama Bear is angry and this is a fight I will win.

WHat to do when the sky is falling? Anti-Aircraft missile would do the job nicely.


  1. I'm sorry I didn't go get ice cream tonight - i've regretted it ever since. I should have just brought the girls and let them have ice cream for dinner - they didn't get into bed until 9 anyway, so it wouldn't have been the end of the world. I wish I had the words to say how sad and angry it makes me that you guys are facing this, but if anyone can get through it, it's you guys. xoxox

  2. I'm getting more and more angry about this. So I'm behind the Mama Bear! And I'll say that I think this Dr is an idiot. I've only treated Seth a couple times but would be willing to write a note as a massage therapist if you want. It may help or may be completely dismissed because they would think a massage therapist doesn't have the training or skills to say anything. Technically, I cannot provide an evaluation as per my licensure but could write a letter stating my observations.