Friday, February 6, 2009

The Ape Man Cometh

SO, recently we purchased a new vehicle, pictured left, and I mean about two weeks ago. No we are not rich and yes we are feeling the economic crunch but really when you factor in a bit more money per month for a vehicle under warranty rather than a lesser amount of money and the possibility of thousands for an unwarrantied old vehicle... well you get the drift. However there were a few things still needing to be installed in our new vehicle, mostly perks which I am emabrassed to talk about like.. ahem.. a dvd player to brainwash and neutralize our children during long trips and cross bars so that we have the capability to haul even more crap around with us. Long story short the car is in the shop and we have a rental.... and let me say that my husband who is 6'3 does not and I mean DOES NOT fit into a Chevy Cobalt. Just doesn't, he looks like a circus clown who got lost on his way around the big top, his elbows poking over into the passenger area, his knees up beside the steering wheel, his neck slouched and head crunched and yet still jammed against the roof. Let's imagine for a minute a giraffe and an Austin Mini... with me still? now let's put in two carseats in the back, the one behind the driver's seat forcing it even closer to the steering wheel causing feet to over step gas and most importantly brake pedals. The angle on dashboard so steep that the speedometer can't be read with head jammed and neck crunched so exclamations of " How fast AM I going?" are frequent. And that because of head jammed and neck crunched every shoulder check takes us closer to mind numbing headache, and just thought I'd say that I am now totally at ease with my purchase of an 8 seater SUV.

And just thought I would mention that bugs are the new cool, not really all that new but very very cool at my house this month. We have bug dresses, bug dollies, bug diaper bags, it's really and infestation. ANd I think about my daughter who has an undying love for Bugs, Battle Tanks, Crafts, Dirt and Tinkerbelle, she really does make me smile :)

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