Thursday, February 19, 2009

Panic Button

Okay, well after a week visiting familyup in Canada we are finally back, walking in the front door, petting the cat, tucking in sleeping toddlers, checking on mail, ripping open Next Day delivery Fedex envelopes that came on the 13th. AH yes lucky 13? I think not, Seth has been scheduled for an Army TDRL re-evaluation on Monday, in Tacoma, you know Tacoma, like 5 hours away Tacoma, and yes even though five hours drive is nothing compared to the 12 hours we just came home from my heart is still sinking.

For those of you who know Seth suffers from PTSD a little trauma from playing in the Iraqi sandbox a few years ago and so lovely surprises like going to Tacoma in three days are not exactly welcome. No sorts of surprises are welcome at all, we do a alot of planning, sussing out of places, I accompany him to a new place the first, second, sometimes third time. Anxiety attacks are always waiting to jump, blood pressure is sky high, stuttering, lapse of cognitive ability and speech are possible, add this to surviving ten explosions a, traumatic brain injury, a crushed vertebrate, chipped kneecap, and nightmares and you might see why we spend a lot of time at home. Away from people...

SO at the moment I am booing and hissing, cursing and spitting, just generally thinking bad thought about a certain Debbra so and so who planned this attack on my household without any thought, compassion , or sensitivity towards the sanity of my dear dear Love.

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