Monday, February 2, 2009

Errands Errands

Spent the whole day running errands, out to the Air Force Base then the bank then the liscensing place. Sometimes after completeing sucha ridiculously busy day totally entwined in red tape I stumble in the door trip on my responsibilities and realize I might actually be an adult. This is before I notice the dog has been sleeping on the couch again, Abby will probably crash early and so needs supper, Norah wants to nurse, Seth and I need food, water and I still haven't gone to the bathroom. And then I think perhaps being an adult kind of sucks.... yessss you can have pizza whenever you want, but it sticks to your thighs like glue. Yessss.... you can stay up late watching movies but you still have to be up for the nursing at 3, and 7 and then the toddler at 8. Yessss.... you could can buy whatever you want but you still have to budget groceries, healthcare, dental, dog grooming, haircuts, car payments, mortgage among other things. It seemed soooo appealing when I was ten you know :)
Abby and her Papa before Norah was born and things seemed Normal :) lol

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