Sunday, February 1, 2009

Got the Grungies

Argh, got the grungies is right, everyone around here is sick except Seth in an ironic twist. As he is the one with little to no immune system I think it is just a matter of time. So in an attempt to feel like I have time to kill I am writing on this instead of sleeping, ahhh... pretending to have time to kill when really I have no time at all! Ah hah! Fooled you too I see :)

However I have great news, Norah's first smile was taken yesterday: and yes she is the impkin we all know she is. Not only a smile but a tongue out too! and just for comparison here is her sister's first recorded smile:

Can you tell they are sister's or what?

And just because I am feeling sentimental this morning, as well as shitty, I will include this picture to cap off the post. It's from our old house, my very first house I ever considered my own that I got to paint and decorate any which way I wanted. There is something about Texas in the morning, something about the light. I always enjoyed waking up in that house in the morning with the light streaming into the room and making me feel like anything was possible, creative possibilities were endless. And of course waking up next to these two cuties was great too, here is Abby at 6 months.

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